The equipment

Technologically yours

In order to attract the most experienced golfers, but also to offer the margin of progress the most important to beginners, the academy is equipped with the most advanced devices in terms of analysis andteaching aid.

1 trackman zone

The Trackman is a radar that allows you to find out more about the golfer's swing. Placed behind the player, it scans its movement during the impact and displays the entire flight of the ball, thus allowing a better understanding of the the forces and weaknesses of the golfer.
The trackman technology allows the structural changes of the swing to be monitored over time. Equipped with a Doppler radar, the machine measures movement of the club during impact and follows the ball's trajectory throughout the flight. Combined with the professional's eye, it is a formidable tool to accompany the student in his or her progress, erase its defects and optimise performance.


1 zone GSPOT S2M

Still little known, and used by the greatest professionals, this connected tool is placed under the golfer's feet to measure the distribution of weight forces and mass transfers during the swing. Complementary to the Trackman, it allows other information to be collected, always with the aim of analysing the player's swing as best as possible, and to accompany him or her.



With unparalleled precision, this other analysis tool, particularly sharp, analyses both the impact on the ball and the head of the club. All with the aim of improving the students' game. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


OUR methodology

Our progressive method is suitable for all styles of players, from beginners to advanced, thanks to tailor-made programmes that take into account the specificities of each student.


The sports hall


The ally of fitness

A sports hall is available near the driving range and includes a multi-gym station, free weights, a bicycle, a squat cage as well as mobility and muscle strengthening accessories (elastics, rollers, etc.).

This will allow players to :

  • To highlight the importance of regular physical activity in improving one's game, whether in terms of flexibility or raw strength;
  • To insist on the importance of the muscular warm-up in golf, which is too often neglected and yet so important;
  • To keep fit!
sports hall

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