The courses

Learning and development

We offer you different courses that will fit your needs and your level. Technological analysis of your swing, games, theoretical lessons and accompaniment on the course, you will be coached by professionals throughout your course to achieve your goals!

Adult course - 3 days

In 6 hours of learning, you will get all the technical advice you need to discover this sport or to improve your performance on the golf course.

  • 1 pro for 6 players maximum, two levels, beginner and advanced
  • Monday: Technical basics on the driving range and on the short game
  • Tuesday: Accompanied course with the teacher on the Golf du Volcan
  • Wednesday: Technical work on your swing and discover Mike Lorenzo Vera's favourite exercises

*For this course: Green-fee for the trainees. Preferential price: 42€ (18 holes), minimum green card required.

Request all information in contacting us.

MLV Academy fee

220 for 6 hours

Adult course - 5 days

Take advantage of these 10 hours of group instruction to deepen and master all the techniques that will allow you to have maximum pleasure on the golf course. Possibility to validate your Green Card.

  • 1 pro for a maximum of 6 players, teaching programme according to the level of play, beginner or advanced
  • Monday: Technical analysis (Trackman tool) + Theory course
  • Tuesday: technical training around the greens
  • Wednesday: Practice and correction (irons and woods)
  • Thursday: Accompanied course (9 holes of the Volcano)
  • Friday: Work and correction on a game situation at the driving range

Request all information in contacting us.

*For this course: Green-fee for the trainees. Preferential price: 42€ (18 holes)
**Green Card minimum required.

MLV Academy fee

350 for 10h

Junior course - 5 days

A week of fun and challenging golf, while learning the basic putting techniques necessary to progress on the golf course

  • 1 pro for up to 8 players
  • Monday: Techno analysis + Theory course + Golf Challenge N°1
  • Tuesday: Par 3 course games + Challenge No. 2
  • Wednesday: Practice and correction on the driving range and putting green + Challenge N°3
  • Thursday: Accompanied course (9 holes of the Volcano) + Challenge N°4
  • Friday: Games around and on the green + Challenge N°5

Request all information in contacting us.

*Juniors: 7-15 years

MLV Academy fee

190 for 7h30

Adult course - green card

A new MLV Academy/Golf du Cap d'Agde, for all those who wish to obtain their green card and subscribe to the Golf du Cap d'Agde. A programme of individual lessons will allow you to obtain your Green Card in the first months of your subscription and to play progressively in unlimited on the Golf International du Cap d'Agde.

  • 4-month course with a teacher from the MLV Academy
  • Individualized learning program and lessons provided on the 9-hole Volcan course
  • Theory course on the rules of golf and etiquette and Green Card test included

Request all information in contacting us.

MLV Academy fee
On request.

Do you prefer individual lessons?

Would you like to improve your individual performance or discover the practice of this sport with a state-qualified coach?

Our equipment

Trackman, Foresight Monitor, the MLV Academy is equipped with the most advanced analysis and teaching aids.


Academy news

Follow live the news or events within the Academy.



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